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St. Louis served as the host of the successful second annual HIPAAComplete conference, organized by Safet Inc and held at the T-Rex Innovation Center on June 17 -18, 2019. Medical organizations and guests learned about the latest updates in HIPAA regulations and related technologies from the industry experts. Attendees were able to enjoy the keynote speaker Dr. John Morley, MD, a world-renowned Alzheimer and dementia specialist with a fantastic lecture. Customers visit the physician and staff tracks, holecamp training, learning with expertise about cybersecurity, access management, revenue management, background checks, remote IT support, the American Indian Tribes, and other under-served communities, PCI and medical OSHA compliance training, and other areas affecting security and compliance. 

Partner companies demonstrated their integrated solutions with HIPAAComplete. Key partners include:

Learn about the latest solutions and helpful information about HIPPA, OSHA for small, medium, and large practices and hospitals. 

About HIPAA Complete: HIPAA Complete is an industry-leading SaaS solution in HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI compliant information security for small, medium, and large practices and hospitals. HIPAA Complete integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence to lower the cost and time of compliance with fully customizable dashboards for each level of the organization. HIPAA Complete was founded in 2012 by CEO, Gerald Caussade.

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